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3D Offshore Animations

3D oil and gas offshore animations create stunning pieces of work to capture your audience's attention.

Offshore Animations

3D oil and gas offshore drilling animations are excellent for every marketing need.

Petroleum Animation

3D graphics and animations will help your company succeed in the development of any project.

Offshore Oil Drilling

Watch Industrial3D's demo reel to view our animation work in the oil and gas industry.

Drilling Rig Animation

Years of experience has enabled Industrial3D to provide accurate, detailed graphics for offshore & landrig drilling operations.

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Offshore 3D animation is an extensive tool in assisting clients, customers and investors understand concepts of offshore oil and gas exploration, rig site development, 3d mapping, downhole drilling of oil and gas production. 
Offshore 3D animation is also helpful in explaining various 3d seismic data, oil field equipment and other offshore technology used in the oil and gas industry. Our Animations, in particular Offshore 3D animations, can be used in presentations for oil and gas, marketing campaigns, websites, tradeshows, advertisements, and videos. Our team of artists, animators, designers and project managers work together to create a comprehensive, creative team with extensive offshore oil and gas experience.
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*Excels at graphics and engineering

*Has 20+ years experience as CAD designers and animators in oil & gas industry

*Communicates and expertly illustrates your products with technically accurate 3D animations and illustrations

*Gives tremendous "convincing power" to your marketing and advertising presentations and demos

Industrial3D gives you the ability to bring your product or concept "to life," allowing the world to truly see the possibilities.

Offshore 3D Animation
Offshore 3D Animation of Exploration
Offshore 3D Animation of Drilling
Offshore 3D Animation for Presentations
Offshore 3D Animation for Websites
Offshore 3D Animation for Video

Offshore 3D Animation for News Networks
Offshore 3D Animations for BP Gulf Oil Spill

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